LinkedIn Profile: 6 Steps To Stand Out

LinkedIn Profile: 6 Steps To Stand Out

The profile on LinkedIn represents your brand. It is your letter of introduction to potential customers. For this reason, you must take care of every detail to the maximum.

This social network allows you to connect and generate many professional contacts. It has more than 450 million users and is the network that every professional and company should consider in their marketing strategy.

Here are some tips that you should follow to make your profile stand out from the rest:

1. The LinkedIn Profile Photo

Your profile photo should be of you, not your company logo. (The logo must be used on
company pages, not personal profiles). Remember, people want to connect with

The image that you use must be 100% professional since it is the image that you are going to give of yourself to other users, and, as you well know, first impressions are crucial.

2. Professional Headline

Your profile headline is your first opportunity to attract visitors to your profile and show them how
you can help their business. You must consider how important it is to do SEO (organic positioning) in your profile, so you have to think carefully about the keywords you include it.

3. Contact information

In this section, we will introduce the typical contact information (telephone, mail…) but do not
stay there alone.

Take advantage of this space and include your Skype account, Twitter… And in the web section, we have the option of including three links, using them to attract traffic to your blog, corporate website…

4. Extract On LinkedIn Profile

This is where you can show your skills and knowledge to potential clients, recruiters…

Try not to write it like a classic resume. It is more about telling the objectives you have achieved in your outstanding projects and success stories with clients…, rather than describing where you studied and in what year.

Remember that you must capture the attention of those who visit your profile and make them want to continue learning more about you. A good option may be to open your statement by posing a common customer problem and then explain how you can help them solve it.

Once again, remember to include keywords to help appear in more LinkedIn searches. It may also be a good option to include a hobby or personal aspect, which gives it a closer character to your profile.

5. Experience

Here comes the time to show your professional career. Each company, project… in which you have participated and contributed to building what you are today.

An important aspect is not to leave blank spaces in your career; that is, there cannot be two years in your experience where it is clear that you have not done anything (either work experience or training).

6. Recommendations

Last but not least, we find the recommendations. They are the best guarantee your profile can have, as long as they are true.

The recommendations are reviews that clients, bosses, co-workers… make about us as professionals and are reflected in this section of our profile. Therefore, they are very important since other people endorse our way of working and the results they have obtained from us.

Now that we know how important recommendations are, it’s time to see how we got them.

They rarely write us recommendations without asking for them in advance, so we should not be ashamed to request them from former clients, bosses… Having them on our profile undoubtedly contributes to our brutal personal brand.

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