How Should The Writing For SEO Be?

How Should The Writing For SEO Be?

In Content Writing, What Is More Important, SEO Or Copy Persuasion?

Writing for SEO or persuasion. There is no single guideline that guarantees immediate results since the success of the pages depends on several factors, and for this reason, the substance of the content must be examined first.

In other words, it must be very clear which theme to address to find the existing niches in the search engines, where more traffic can be generated since, like any product that wishes to enter any market, creative web content will stand out in the search engines.

Although the web is indeed full of diverse content, the challenge is to generate content that stands out for its originality without forgetting SEO, since if the content is the product of plagiarism, it will not only generate distrust in readers who can ask the question “why consult this site if I can find the same in others?” but it can also give rise to legal sanctions.

Generating creative content, which has its own identity, produces a certain empathy in readers because, as is often the case with printed texts, they can identify with the author’s style, a plus that can create an emotional bond that captures the attention of potential consumers.

Persuade Through Writing

In tune with the originality that should not be missing, it is necessary to attend to the basic SEO guidelines and take into account that other websites can address the same subject, and that is why an additional creative effort must be made to present the title of the content in a different way than those that have already been positioned. For example, there are many online articles about diets to lose weight in January because, as it is the beginning of the year, losing weight can be a goal, so making a post titled “diets to start the year” would not be the correct way. To position oneself because this would be commonplace; an example that could work would be “Healthy diet trends to start 2023”.

It is important to combine the content with digital marketing strategies since the meticulous work of identifying the keywords in the search engines also plays an important role, and that is that sometimes the content reveals what the keywords to position would be. , but it is also usual that the keywords you want to position lead us to generate several posts related to the keyword found as a niche in the search engines to generate more traffic.

In Content Writing, It Is Important To Use Tools That Allow You To Position Your Keywords.

Of course, finding keywords is not only specified by placing random words in a search engine since tools have been created that help improve traffic on web pages, such as Ubersuggest or Keyword Planner, which can greatly simplify the task. To find keywords.

Like any activity aimed at achieving an end, in this case, the writing aimed at obtaining more traffic must be done efficiently; that is, the available resources must be used to the maximum, and the waste that represents the handling of non-optimized content.

To better illustrate what has just been said, we must understand that search engines simplify language, which is why they do not usually use prepositions or connectors as we usually do in everyday language, and that is why both keywords and keyword URLs should be simplified and displayed in a way that makes them more accessible. For example, if companies that rent cars during the carnival season in Brazil are being promoted, the URL of the post would not be optimized if it were “/renta-de-cars-en-temporada-de-carnaval-en-Brasil/” since it would be ideal would be to make it shorter and more direct like: “/rentar-autos-carnaval-Brasil.”

Continuing in this same line, it is very important to take care of the details, and for this reason, the meta-description tool (which is the one that appears when the search results are displayed in Google) must also be striking since when viewing an appetizer of what the post is about, users can show interest and visit the site.

In conclusion, the important thing when generating content is to balance what you want to transmit and the highest number of visits, which translates into profitability.

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