Five Benefits Of Social Listening In Food Products

Five Benefits Of Social Listening In Food Products

Did you know that Social Listening is a common practice in companies to identify opportunities and threats?

Every day millions of people connect to the Internet.

According to Puro Marketing, more than half use social networks for almost 2 hours daily.

They use them to chat, search for information and share absolutely everything. For this reason, they are a very good tool to know what and how potential customers talk about your brand.

According to Digimind, 39% of people between the ages of 18 and 35 give their opinion about brands and food products on the networks.

Therefore, it is very likely that they are talking about your brand on social networks and websites, and you do not know it.

Therefore, it is advisable to develop a Social Listening strategy. If you have yet to hear of Social Listening, make sure to check out this article!

What Is Social Listening?

As we already said in the article, “Why do I need to do Social Listening in my company” Social Listening is a technique with which you listen to your audience through social networks.

Thus, you will know what potential customers need and how to satisfy them.

In addition, it can be applied to any sector, from fashion brands to service companies, logistics, automotive, food, or beauty.

But only some things are social networks. There are many forums and blogs where content is also discussed and shared.

In addition, Social Listening brings many benefits to your brand. If you do not know what they are, in today’s article, we will tell you!

Five Benefits Of Social Listening In Food Products

In the world of marketing, it is super necessary to pay attention to what users share about your brand.

Take advantage of Social Listening to find out everything they say about her.

If you have not yet applied Social Listening in your strategy, here are the main reasons to start doing so:

1. Discover New Business Opportunities

According to Sprout Social, 90% of marketing experts say this type of data allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition.

And it is that Social Listening is a powerful tool for discovering what users demand. Thanks to this, you will discover new business opportunities.

First, you need to monitor social media. That is, look for elements related to the brand and the sector.

For example, look for hashtags and comments related to the theme of your company, its products, brands, etc. In this way, you will see what is the main concern of the users and what is being said about the company.

Then analyze the information you have found. And create actions that respond to the demands and requests that you have heard from customers and potential customers.

With Social Listening and a good strategy, you will surely succeed!

2. Know Consumer Insights

Understanding the consumer and their consumption habits is crucial to know how you can satisfy a brand and its products.

Thanks to Social Listening, you will discover consumer insights and get the most out of your brand strategy.

It will only be necessary to pay special attention to the comments that users make on social networks.

In that case, the key lies in analyzing the focus of the posts they make. Only then will you be able to understand what the consumer’s insight is, that is, what moves them to make a purchase or consume your brand and products.

The more you know their values, what they share, how they have fun, what matters to them, how they spend their day, etc., the easier it will be to discover their insights and use them in your marketing and communication strategy.

Also, thanks to consumer insights, you can discover the moments of consumption of a specific product.

For example, Tinku is a fast food company that has been actively doing social listening for years.

Tinku can interact daily with its followers in its different networks. And thanks to Social Listening, they have managed to create new campaigns and launch new products. This is how Tinku has managed to win over its Target, the Z generation.

Remember that it is necessary to adapt to changes in habits for brands to succeed constantly. And thanks to Social Listening, it will be much easier for you!

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3. Identify Potential Customers

Social listening allows you to learn about the market and discover new potential customers.

It is an excellent tool to detect consumer tastes, consumption patterns, and interests you did not know.

Therefore, observe the trends, the fashions, the Trending Topics, etc., on social media daily.

Thus, you will know where to do business and who will buy from you.

For example, according to The Food Tech, the increased concern for health and sport has led many companies in the food sector to launch healthy and protein products.

You can further enhance the Social Listening of your company and help you with campaigns with influencers to identify potential customers, detect insights, etc. You will be surprised at the result!

4. Improve Customer Service

Social Listening also helps improve customer service and attention.

Through social networks and the Internet, companies can find out about the experiences that users had with the brand.

It is important to pay attention to user mentions, comments, and interactions. Many of them share experiences with products and services on the networks.

Good customer service can ease user discomfort and gain brand presence.

Being attentive to user feedback is key to increasing brand value. In addition, it will improve the image of your company, and it will reposition itself as a company that gives importance and priority to its customers.

For example, suppose you are a company dedicated to making gluten-free cookies. In that case, it is important to know the opinion of consumers if they are tasteless, is missing an ingredient, or does not have the taste expected by users.

If the gluten-free product brand finds a negative comment from a user on social networks, it could respond with the following:

“We are very sorry that the product has not lived up to your expectations. We appreciate your comment, and we will take it into account to improve our product. We would love for you to try our improved recipe and hear your opinion. Thank you for helping us improve.. .”

With a spontaneous comment like this one in a thread on social networks, for example, we can turn a crisis scenario into a positive scenario in every way.

It is a way of keeping an eye on customers and provides double benefits: to them by making them feel important and to your company by helping you know what to improve on a product or service. And all thanks to Social Listening.

Otherwise, if you are not attentive to the comments on social networks about your brand, it can start a reputation crisis that you could have avoided.

5. Avoid Brand Reputation Crises.

Brand reputation is the perception that users have of a certain brand, company, or product. But the perception of the company is not always what the company would like.

With Social Listening tools, you will be able to know if there is a problem in relation to the positioning and reputation of the brand in social networks. And, if there is, detect possible reputational crises in time.

This is a key factor that must be taken into account since a good or bad reputation affects the purchasing behavior of consumers. And anyone who writes about the brand on the Internet can positively or negatively affect the reputation of the brand. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor all mentions related to the brand, its products, and services. And with Social Listening, we can do it!

In addition to listening to what they say about the brand, it is advisable to manage them well to avoid a crisis on social networks, such as:

Don’t ignore criticism. It is always advisable to react to both positive and negative messages in a polite and professional manner. Acknowledging mistakes is not being a bad company, but just the opposite!

Take care of the forms and the language of the brand. When responding to negative comments, always calmly, politely, and without losing sight of the company’s values ​​and tone.

Pay attention to the haters. There are many users who dedicate themselves to destroying forums and writing offensive messages. Therefore, they must be controlled and, in case of error, give a firm and conclusive answer.

You have already seen that Social Listening brings you many benefits, both for the development of new products and for dealing with customers. Now that you know what it is, discover more examples of Social Listening on our blog!

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