Press Release: How To Improve Its Quality And Effectiveness In B2B Companies

Press Release: How To Improve Its Quality And Effectiveness In B2B Companies

In a global and digitized communication environment like the current one, the dossier and the press release are important for organizations.

Companies have their corporate means of communication – the blog, social networks, or video channel -and their B2B competitors.

For this reason, given the enormous flow of information that journalists find around them, the work of a communication office acquires a fundamental value to differentiate, highlight, bring closer, and give visibility to the company’s contents. Only then can they be published in the media that interest you.

How To Write A Good Press Release

Some principles will help you improve the writing of your press releases as a B2B company:

  • Choose an attractive topic for the journalist, who should see it as an opportunity and not a waste of time; it is the first of them.
  • In addition, you are interested in applying a concise writing style, easy to read and with the main ideas highlighted. Bet on simplicity: your recipients usually don’t have much time!
  • Apply a visible and easy-to-follow structure, which includes the mention of ‘Press dossier’ or ‘Press release’ prominently, as well as the company’s name, logo, and contact.
  • The headline, which is decisive in attracting attention, should not have more than 10 words spread over a maximum of 2 lines.
  • Write the body of the text, putting the main thing at the beginning, and do not make it very long.
  • It also includes photos or videos to contextualize.
  • Finally, place the contact information and a summary of your organization.
  • It is good that you sprinkle all the content with keywords of real interest – you can rely on Google Analytics to inspire you – and do not forget to place a link to your website, only one but in an ideal place.
  • Avoid jargon, symbols, and complex descriptions to make the message easier to understand.
  • And don’t forget to include a call to action at the end and tools that make it easy to share your press release.
  • This note in addition to sending it to the appropriate recipients of each medium (this is essential), you will have to publish it in the press section of your website, on social networks, on the blog, and in all appropriate places.

Useful Scraps For Any Communication Cabinet

Writing a good press release can make the difference between media presence or condemnation to communicative ostracism.

The new panorama generated by the Internet allows innumerable content and news access. The difficulty lies in discerning which ones are important.

An average journalist receives around 70 press releases a day, of which just over 10% meet the requirements to be published.

So write your press release with the recipient in mind, make it agile, create different reading levels, and prioritize important information so that it arrives as soon as possible.

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