WhatsApp: Pros And Cons Of Using It As Customer Service

WhatsApp: Pros And Cons Of Using It As Customer Service

As a company or brand owner, it leads us to ask ourselves if it is a good idea to integrate this application, which has been magical regarding communication, into our CRM or Digital Marketing strategy.

For this reason, we decided to analyse the advantages and disadvantages that we present below and that are important before making a decision.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using WhatsApp In Our CRM Or Digital Marketing Strategy

Completely Personal Application

It is an application designed especially for mobile, compared to other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc… . Networks that we are not sure that all our clients have on their mobile phones or that they have notifications activated.

Thus, WhatsApp guarantees a higher percentage that your customers receive and see your message in a shorter period than other platforms. Creating a closer and more effective channel.

However, on this point, we can also become somewhat intrusive. That is why it is essential to implement guidelines regarding outgoing and incoming communication in this medium. Using it too much can be a bad idea, and our clients will want to avoid connecting with our brand through this application.

Disproportionate Growth

Doubts, suggestions, claims, or confusion will be easier to resolve by this means. This benefit will satisfy your customers with the attention your company or brand provides.

However, only some things are positive on this point.

In other words, since it is an easily accessible tool the majority uses, the client will demand a much higher response speed than normal. And at the same time, your response time may take time, and it will turn out to be a conversation that lasts from 10 minutes to 10 hours. And we all know it is not convenient for us to start or close a process with a client.

Limit On Groups And Messages Sent.

WhatsApp does not allow you to have more than 50 groups; within each group, you cannot include more than 50 people.

This complicates the segmentation of groups if we talk about large companies.

The limitation in terms of these two points has been increasing over time. However, it still needs to be a higher number to achieve a massive communication channel with the client.

No Measuring Tools

Another disadvantage of this tool is that we need more support to help us measure the messages sent, the incoming messages, what kind of messages they are, whether they are negative or positive, lead follow-up, etc…

All this has to be done manually, which brings us to the same point; if we are talking about large companies, it is not convenient for us.

Ease Of Sharing Content

As we mentioned in the first point, WhatsApp is the most personal application a person can have. So sending your brand information, such as new promotions, images of new products, news, events, or managing orders, is the most practical way.

In Conclusion, WhatsApp Is The Perfect Tool For Small Businesses

It has everything to be a good option for effective client-company communication: high viewing percentage, a close channel with the client; we can send images, videos, voice notes, etc.

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