Company Portfolio: Digital Or Printed?

Company Portfolio: Digital Or Printed?

The digital catalog has replaced the classic printed portfolio used by companies.

Modernization has also reached the presentations of works and projects. But we want to ask you, is it always the most recommended?

The needs are different in the case of B2B companies (that is, companies that sell to companies and not to final consumers). That is why we want to offer you a list of pros and cons.

Advantages Of The Digital Catalog

These are its plus points:

  • It has an unlimited range. Like any digital product, it is not subject to physical or format requirements. Therefore, it is infinitely playable on any surface or platform.
  • It can update in real-time. Whether in stock, services, customers, and others. You will be able to have all the news of your company or your product as soon as the changes take place.
  • It can be purchased directly through the catalog. It is easy to combine them with e-commerce type models and thus achieve the maximum possible profitability.
  • Customize the catalog. It is much easier to segment the different groups of customers to target and present them with exclusive catalogs.

When To Have A Printed Portfolio?

These are the advantages it offers you:

  • It occupies less. It is optional to have electronic devices and their natural limitations (battery problems, poor connection, etc.). It can occur in any circumstance.
  • Differentiating element. Almost all companies have gone digital. Betting on paper can be a way of presenting yourself as a different brand with its values.
  • Improve presence. Usually, it works much better for the presentation of products to individual customers. You can cross out, erase and write down on a piece of paper. It is very comfortable to use, and you can give it to your interlocutor.

Interactive Catalog

In which situations to choose the different catalogs of your company

So far, both options have attractive elements, but which is better for a B2B company?

The digital catalog would present the advantages of automation and the modern approach that it gives off.

On the other hand, it is the most recommended if your products have to do with technology. Animations, computer images, etc. All this will gain quality in this format.

On the other hand, the paper maintains an element of proximity, which is especially recommended for B2B sales. In this case, when you don’t have to present products related to the avant-garde or that require animations for their exhibition, it is the best option since you get a much closer approximation with the potential client.

Finally, both elements can be satisfactorily combined.

Move those parts related to technology to the digital portfolio, and leave the more legal aspects on paper. Or inventory.

The visual enters through the eyes, and the text can be read calmly.

In conclusion, a digital catalog can be an excellent tool for a B2B company. Of course, you have to combine it properly with other types of tools or forms of presentation.

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