Strategic Tips To Leverage Instagram In B2B Strategy

Strategic Tips To Leverage Instagram In B2B Strategy

Can Instagram be used for B2B? It is a question that many brands ask themselves.

This social network has become the queen of the game. A young audience, very massive and especially active.

Undoubtedly a success. But are these conditions enough for companies to use Instagram in a commercial spirit? We analyse it.

How to Use Instagram In Your digital Marketing Strategy

Instagram is very focused on visuals, entertainment, and leisure. Therefore, it is true that, at first, there are better fields to do business. However, its audience is so large that you will have market opportunities.

Although the B2C sale has better results, you can also approach it as a B2B. That is business for business.

Other networks like LinkedIn allow you to cover these strategies, but you can also do it on Instagram, and we will explain how.

Using Instagram For Your B2B Strategy

These Would Be Our Tips.

  • Do not make direct sales. Practicing B2B on Instagram is probably a mistake, given the peculiarity of its audience. Therefore, the best thing is usually to create a brand image, community, raise awareness, etc. Use the image to attract your work’s and your products’ followers or fans. The rest will come by itself or through direct contact.
  • Escapes corporate dialogues. Your indirect objective is companies, but the immediate objective must be people. Therefore, do not use brands or companies’ artificial and superficial language. Bet on something closer, and that may be of more interest to users. If you accumulate a community around you, the brands will come alone.
  • Strive to get involved in your community. B2B type businesses usually involve companies from the same sector, both who buy and who sell. Therefore, your content is addressed to interested people in the industry. Brands in your industry may not follow you, but that’s how employees of those brands will follow you.
  • Work your conversion funnel. Do not bet directly on the sale or make an effort to make endless calls to action that will not lead anywhere. The best thing is using Instagram tools to create a good conversion funnel.
  • Do more standard posts, and then in Instagram stories, you can start talking more deeply about your services and so on.
  • Some brands like Reddit or Hootsuite have used this technique, and it has worked well for them. The trick has been to create a community and arouse users’ interest in Instagram. Then it was the companies that turned to them.

In conclusion, Instagram for B2B should not be used directly since it is more designed for leisure. Therefore, focus on having a good number of users around you, focus on your community, and create a good sales funnel to reach small distributors that interest you.

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