Personal Blogging And Sales: What To Consider?

Personal Blogging And Sales: What To Consider?

While you are considering starting a blog, others have tried and are already strategizing for 2023.

Check Yours On 5 Points.

1. Content Strategy.

Do not rush to shoot and make a plan. To begin with, thoroughly study your target audience, their interests and triggers. An in-depth interview will help you with this task. Take 5-10 people who, in your opinion, are the core of the audience, conduct a survey (on a call or in a chat), then analyze their answers and, based on this, launch test content (posts, stories, rails).

Important: keep in mind a few additional target audiences and grow them for further work and growth of the blog.

2. Anchoring.

These are the clues that identify you and your blog.

Visual: the design of posts, stories, unique features and even the same style and font is already a plus in your piggy bank.

Semantic: phrases, words, and principles that are somehow broadcast on the blog.

Auditory: sounds, music, tonality, intonation.

Roughly speaking, Sasha Mitroshina is boiled eggs, cats and Mark. And you?

3️. Attention Retention.

Here you have to learn storytelling (you have to google).

This task is not only about what stories you will tell and how, but also their accompaniment – angles, type of content (photos, videos, texts), and emotions you evoke in the audience.

4️. Introduction Of Selling Meanings.

Each content has its purpose. What are your goals for your blog? That’s it on them and develop meanings.

Content should be: understandable, with apparent benefits (and this is not only about money), different from competitors and credible.

5. Situational Warm-Ups.

Sell ​​honestly and lead to the start as transparently as possible. Creating fictional stories is sometimes beautiful, but the audience has long been fed up with eyeliners, which, in the end, turn out to be advertising.

Remember, the social network makes it possible to use different tools for a reason. Publish posts, stories, rails, igtv and go live. This way, you reach the most significant number of audiences.

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