How To Get Creative At Work

How To Get Creative At Work

The creative component is present in any activity, just in varying degrees of concentration of creative work. As a rule, the most challenging thing is to tune in and enter the flow. A matter of training! If, on duty, you often have to use creativity to solve professional and business problems, especially from different areas, then the ability to quickly get into working shape saves time and energy.

What should be done:

Understand and study the source code of the problem. Analyse the current state of affairs qualitatively and quantitatively, correlating this with the expected results and available resources.

When the task is straightforward and clear about what result its solution should lead to, you need to start associative thinking. If the task is long and you have time, the launch can take an hour to several days or even months. Since the brain is afraid of everything incomprehensible – no need to scare it, give it time to “look.” Try to make time for this. Sit down a few times and thoroughly walk through the references. Study the persons in the area of ​​your task. Listen, watch, read … In a word, enter the topic. The brain will begin to digest this and correlate it with past experiences. Thoughts must be thrown out.

Relax first, then tighten up. Give yourself time not to think about the work ahead. If you know that tomorrow morning, you have to work creatively, then take a walk in the park with an ice cream in the evening. Then it would help if you got together, and for the first 20 minutes, try not to be distracted by anything, even if the thought does not go. Look better at the white sheet, but not on the social network. And then the flow will come. At least it should 🙂 Again, you need to schedule time for the task. Doing something holistic in fits and starts will only work if you know the Ford.

It’s easier to tune in if you spend these same 20 minutes on simple exercises:

Write ten words related to the topic of the task, and come up with new phrases/products/services and, in general, everything your heart desires

Write three branches of 10 words of association on creativity and develop a short story using these words.

come up with new external conditions for the problem: “What if a tiger solved it?”, “What if everyone was in a submarine?”, “What if everything was made of parsley?”

Say nonsense, storm, joke, come up with fables, and a clue will appear, from which the necessary thought will begin to unwind.

It remains the most challenging thing – to bring the idea to an end! Work with a file, and collect feedback. Patience is a real creative assistant, especially at the test level. Experimental ideas are a test of the strength of any person! There may be many attempts in the selection of means of solving the problem. Any ingenious realized idea stands on the foundation of “patience, and work will grind everything.” Just go through this cycle a few times, and you will feel the resource methods for calling the “inspiration” genie for you.

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