How To Count Engagement

How To Count Engagement

This article is for you if you still need to count likes and engagement. What is the difference?

Different indicators are considered depending on the social network: likes, reposts, comments, saves, etc. But you can’t measure engagement only by the number of reactions; you also need to consider the size of the audience potentially in contact with the content. Engagement is an objective metric that can be specified as a KPI and used in marketing analysis.

What Will We Count?

ER (Engagement Rate) – an indicator of audience involvement in the company’s activities, measured as a percentage of actions to reach. It is considered on one post or all posts for the period.

ERR (Engagement Rate Reach) – is not calculated from the number of subscribers but from the average coverage of posts. Conventionally, ERR indicates interest: the more subscribers read posts, the higher this level.

RR (Reach Rate) shows the ratio of the average reach of posts to subscribers for the selected period. It helps to understand which part of Instagram users saw your post.

Which ER Is Good?

Here we propose not to generalize but to consider each account separately. For example, a millionaire blogger will have an average ER of 1%, and an account with an audience of up to 20K ER can reach up to 20%.

How To Count?

You can manually (in Google, find all the formulas in 3 seconds) or use services. There are quite a few of them, for example, Popsters, LiveDune, and Hootsuite; you can try different ones and choose the most convenient one.

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