22 SEO Keys For Web Positioning

22 SEO Keys For Web Positioning

1. It Is Very, Very Easy To Make A Web Page

It is very easy to make web pages and is the pillar of your entire SEO strategy. So think about improving it or creating other pages or Landing Pages that complement it. They first asked me about my beginnings and if it was easy to make web pages. When I started at 13 and 14 years old, it was very easy because you only had to see the source code of any page to learn how they had done it. Html is one of the simplest and most intuitive programming languages ​​out there. At 19, I gave an extracurricular computer class to 12-year-old children in a school, and you would be surprised to see how they learned Html and what they did in three days.

But… Now it’s even easier! In the afternoon, you can make a website with WordPress or another content manager. Today the templates are amazing and very cheap. You can have a professional website made by you for less than €100. In my WordPress Course, students make their complete website in 1 month. The prices are also laughable if you don’t want to do it yourself. For €1000, you have a unique website.

2. Seo Specialists Were A Scourge

Those of us who have dedicated ourselves to SEO for many years have not been doing the Internet any favour’s. We could have made better pages appear in the first results. What would have happened if this had continued to be the case? Well, people would have stopped using Google. Why do you use Google? Well, because it works very well because it gives you the best results. Otherwise, you would have changed.

So Google always tries to change its algorithms and features so we don’t do cheats and tricks to corrupt their analytics and results. This has been like cat and dog, and Google has severely penalized many websites for bad practices. Now SEO cannot abuse tricks and has to also focus on usability. Interest and conversion of the page.

3. Now, The First Thing That Seo Do Is That The Page Is Good

So now, the first thing SEO does when it has to position a bad website is to make it good. Good in usability, design, and above all, valuable content. 95% of company websites must focus on showing their commercial products more. But it is that they compete with amateur websites with much better content. Put the batteries in if you want to have an audience.

One of the main objectives is for readers to last a long time on each page, and it will be difficult for you to achieve this if your page is bad and offers nothing. Take care of the technical aspects, mobile design, page structure, duplicate content, images, corporate branding, remove ads, add social buttons, create long pages with ambitious content, etc. In half of my SEO collaborations, the first essential step to continue is to make a new website. Because no, you can no longer put a commercial page from 5 years ago in the top positions of Google.

4. Natural Seo

Meanwhile, Google has discovered that the most important thing to see what should rank better is to look at the user experience. Now all the natural aspects will be fundamental: the time spent on each page, the times shared on social networks, and that it adds value to the reader.

Getting links from other pages is still very important as before. The difference is that now these have to be natural and deserved. Many SEO agencies based their strategy (and many still do) icons Sad 22 Essential Keys of Web Positioning in 2023) on getting thousands of links in directories and networks of ghost pages. They have had to reconvert those who do not flee the country because they have sunk great brands in their positioning. Google penalties have wreaked havoc. Imagine what it is like for a company to go from having 200,000 visits a month to having 3,500. Be very careful with SEO miracles for two bucks. They can be expensive for you.

5. Value Content

The content could be divided into 3 types. Commercial content, value content, and filler content. I have made more than 80 web pages, and I have been commissioned to make commercial content in ALL of them. What if the catalog tab, what if their products, what if our services, what if we are so good… But how is that going to interest people?

You are on social networks; what do you share? Value content or commercial content? And what type of content do you last the longest? And which one would you recommend on your blog? Well, valuable content. For that, you will satisfy the concerns and questions that those interested in your sector ask themselves. Help them and create your community. Google will immediately know from the above that your website interests users. Try it yourself with any Google search. You will see how the value content wins over the commercial.

6. Value Content Always Wins Over Commercial Content

Change the positioning strategy of your main commercial URLs, and focus first on positioning some pages with valuable content.

There will be time later for 20% of readers to be interested in other articles and some for your commercial products. Need help selling or get potential customers through non-commercial content? Of course, that is the so-called Content Marketing. Also, Indirect Marketing or Inbound Marketing in English. The best thing to create a community on social networks and to position yourself in search engines is valuable content.

7. Content Of Good, Very Good, Or Incredible Value

And… valuable content? As? How much? Well, the more, the better. Simple as that. You have to be ambitious and provide as much value as possible to resolve the issue you raise. We could classify valuable content as good, very good, and incredible.

You may have some good content to post. Wait. Put a little more effort into it until you have very good content. If you want, you can publish it now, it will be like it on your social networks, and you will have many visits in a few days. But no, wait. Give it a few turns and add more love and detail to the content. So you already have amazing content. Now everything is easier, readers will enjoy twice as much, and you will have a thousand reasons to link or share yours on social networks.

8. Ambition

Ambition is the fundamental factor in making good content. More even than knowledge on the subject. The first thing will be to check what other content is positioned for the same keywords as your article. And be that as it may, you have to do something better, more complete, collaborative, special, or different from more points of view.

You can’t settle for little, posting the same thing, translating other articles, leaving topics half done, or doing what everyone else who writes on that topic would do. When it comes to SEO and Content Marketing, the one who knows the most is not better but trusts in this the most and has the most ambition.

9. Social Networks Are Super Important For Seo

As I have told you before, social networks are the new protagonist of Web Positioning. Google will not value the number of followers or the number of fans. The only thing that Google will value is the number of times each URL has been shared on the network. And it will treat it in a very similar way to how it treats inbound links and Page rank.

With this, you have to encourage your readers to share your content, link the offline world of the company and the online world, and take care of your ambassadors so that they participate in your content. The most important thing will be to share from your accounts and make others share your content in theirs. That’s why I prefer great value content to 10 regular content.

10. Quality Before Quantity

The amount only ensures a short duration on the page. It can even cause rejection. Longer content will almost always position better, but you have to put a lot of titles and make it very visual. If it is not easily scannable at first glance, the reader will only start reading it after knowing what it is about and if he is interested.

Repetitive and redundant content doesn’t help either, so if you want to write long, you’ll have to develop many arguments. The lists work well because people want first to know if we still have something to do on that list by looking at the headlines and then, if anything, reading the explanations. At least half of the readers of this post will only read the 22 titles ;). If you don’t, and you’ve read this, put it in the comments.

11. Believing In This Ensures Results

If you trust the power of valuable content, put in the necessary effort, and choose good keywords, you will surely get good results and positioning. However, the most difficult thing is to convince the boss, as Boris says in the interview, that putting a lot of effort into creating very good content is necessary.

When a company asks us for help in SEO, we first find out what content they position for those keywords. If most of them are commercial content, then SURE it is easy to place them in the top positions of Google. We have verified it many times, and it is usually quite fast: 1 or 2 months to position the first content well.

12. Usability Is An Increasingly Important Factor

The length of time on your page also depends on whether it is compatible with most browsers and devices. It also has to make it easier for the user to use, be intuitive and try to get the user to carry out the actions that are best for you.

More and more pages with large print in which the protagonist is the content. Check that your website is adaptable or “responsive” in English. You can use Screen fly to see how it looks on different phones and tablets.

13. We Have To Take Care Of Our Users Like Never Before

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and consider how to make your website more enjoyable. Avoid huge forms, tedious registration steps, endless menus with thousands of tabs, etc. Test your website with friends and family. Find out if they can find all the content you tell them.

I’m sure you only need some of the widgets and distractions you have on your page. Lighten the page to make it fast and pamper the visual part of your content.

14. Five Ways To Provide More Value

  1. You can contact other people, specialists, or bloggers to participate in the article and contribute their points of view.
  2. You can post a question on social networks and show the answers. You can also search for Tweets related to the topic and insert those that add value to the article.
  3. Read 20 articles related to the same topic as your article and draw up an outline of ideas and opinions that arise. You will discover that you still have much more to say and deepen.
  4. You can search for related videos and add some or make a playlist of the topic. You can make your videos and summarize your content or present it differently.
  5. Let the content rest. Take a walk, read a book, watch a movie… But remember your content from time to time and look for similarities and points of view; Isra) can help you differentiate yourself and add value from new points of view.

15. Use YouTube

YouTube is going to be the fastest-growing social network in 2023. And that is already the third website in the world with the most traffic. The previous years were the years of blogs and social media. 2023 will be the year in which all brands begin to bet heavily on their YouTube channels.

The URLs of your videos on YouTube position immediately and twice. That is, you can position twice, with the article and with the video. If two of the 10 Google results are yours, there is already less competition. It also helps to position the pages that include them and, many times, also to increase the time spent on the page. If it is also the first cousin of Google and is linked to all its applications, YouTube is a great protagonist in Web Positioning.

16. Use Google+

If YouTube is Google’s first cousin, Google+ is its little brother. The +1 will count almost the same as the Likes or Tweets of each URL. Google+ makes it a bit easier for you to get them compared to Facebook and Twitter.

As? Well, in two ways. Communities are great platforms to spread your best content and get many +1s. Please take advantage of them and also participate selflessly in them. Then there may be many people already sharing your content on G+, so you only have to +1 all the posts to earn many +1s. Search for your domain.com on Google+ and participate.

17. They Keep Importing Inbound Links

In the past, incoming links were the most important thing to position well and almost the only thing. Google understands that if you are linked many times, it is as if many people recommend you. As it gave rise to many traps, Google now penalizes when you get these in a spammer way or on pages without authority.

That is why it will continue to be essential to get links naturally and deservedly. There are many ways, but creating relationships and participating in your sector is the best. Sometimes the best way to get links will be without touching a computer:

  • Holding an event
  • Giving away your product
  • Writing for other blogs
  • Picking up the phone

It would help if you carried out a monthly analysis of the new links that you are getting.

18. Lighten The Loading Speed Of Your Page

Haven’t you noticed that the Internet has progressed faster for a few years? You know there are still very slow, outdated, and flash pages. What happens is that Google tries to show them as little as possible. Google is committed to offering us a very good experience for Internet users. If the pages were slow, we would use them less.

So a priority is to remove weight from your page. JavaScript and images are the things that weigh the most on your website. Compress your images with JpegMini or Smush It. Reduce them before uploading them to the size in which you are going to show them. Avoid using unnecessary Java plugins and widgets. It tries to assemble them in a single file, compress them and delay their loading. And remember that it is essential to have a Cache and compression system in Gzip.

19. Reinforce Your Authorship With Google Authorship

This will be a great asset for Google in the coming years. Register authorship in your publications from now on. Not only will your face appear on Google, but it also helps you increase your click-through rate (CTR). The Google Author Rank is a note you will be given according to the positioning and metrics your publications are getting.

If you already have your Author linked, you can check your Author Rank at AuthorRank.org. From now on, taking care of all your publications will be useful, but in the medium and long term, it will be very profitable. Within 1 and 2 years, Google will have perfectly cataloged and classified all the authors of publications on the Internet. And, of course, it will no longer position the same if a well-known author writes an article than by a newly started author or by an author whose contents do not usually arouse interest.

20. Be Careful What You Link To

Google spends his days visiting billions of links, so try to use his time effectively. Is Google going to put a website in which 4 links are broken and no longer lead anywhere? Well, it certainly doesn’t help. However, linking the best content in your sector will be positively valued because it understands that you provide more value than commercial content.

You can check your links with the cool Internet Marketing Ninjas tool. I don’t know if it’s my favourite tool, but it has the best name. It will tell you all the broken links and redirects you could change. You can also use Check My Links for Google Chrome, but you would have to do it page by page.

21. Seo Is Just Common Sense

As you have seen, most things in Web Positioning are common sense. We all know a lot about SEO; we must ask ourselves the right questions. What would Google recommend, an article like this or that? And now, apply it to your content and your strategy.

Surely you already know that fast, attractive pages with amazing content that make users stay for a long time, with good links, with a recognized author, with comments, and with many links on other websites and social networks rank better.

22. Faith And Perseverance Are More Important Than Talent

In short, knowledge is available on the Internet for everyone. Not only here but in many other blogs. What makes the difference is no longer Talent or Wisdom but faith and perseverance when developing a Web Positioning Plan. If you know where you want to go and the path, you only need work and effort because the result will come. Sure.

You may need a guide or cheat sheet that will help you check all the Key Points, but remember that the important thing is to have ambition and enthusiasm to make the best content.

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