SEO vs. SEM: Everything You Need To Know To Position In Google

SEO vs. SEM: Everything You Need To Know To Position In Google

The internet is flooded with content. More than a billion web pages compete to capture users’ attention and be read. And this number does not stop increasing. The digitization of society can only lead to one thing: the number of websites continues to increase at an ever-increasing rate over the next few years. Positioning in Google has already become a necessity. [Need help this month? Request your loan here ] If you have a personal blog, a company website, an ecommerce, or any online business, do you know how difficult it is to get people to find you and read you? Your website is a needle in a haystack, a drop of water in an ocean. Whether you like it or not, your website is practically invisible. Unless you differentiate yourself from your competition, achieve a brutal reputation, and have users search for you by name, there is only one way to get traffic and visits to your website: to get featured on Google. And that is achieved when you manage a position in Google. 

Google is the place where we all end up when we need to search for information about anything. For example, what would you type in Google if you need to buy left-handed scissors? Perhaps something like “best left-handed scissors” or “buy left-handed scissors.” When you press enter, ten websites will appear in your browser. Why those ten and not others? The answer is easy, not simple: SEO and SEM. If you want your website to appear in Google, you need to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or “Search Engine Optimization,”; and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), or “Marketing for Search Engines.” Let’s see what they are and how they differ.

Position In Google ‘Without Paying’: What Is SEO?

SEO is the set of actions applied to a web page to appear in the top positions of Google. There are two ways to do it: SEO On Page and SEO Off Page. SEO On the page are the actions done on the website to improve its positioning. The most important is to include the keywords (keywords) that users search for in Google. In the case of left-handed scissors, it would be necessary to find out what expressions these people use to search for that information in the search engine and apply them to the texts. Tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush are very useful to get that information.

On the other hand, SEO Off page refers to the actions done outside the web to get the page to gain authority and thus improve its positioning. The most important thing is link building, or link building, which consists of getting other websites to link to yours. To what end? It has been shown that the more websites point to yours, the greater your authority and the more relevance you will have for Google. Authority is the most important factor in ranking.

Position In Google By Paying: What Is SEM?

The SEM are the marketing actions that are carried out to appear in the search engine’s first positions, whether they are paid or not. SEO is a part of SEM, perhaps the most important, although not the only one. Normally, when we talk about SEM, we refer to paid ad campaigns that improve a website’s visibility and increase its traffic. The most common is the purchase of ads on Google (AdWords) for certain keywords. Following the scissors example, we could invest in AdWords to rank for the keyword “scissors for lefties.” With this, we would achieve that when someone searches for those words in Google; our website appears at the top of the search engine next to the label “Announcement,” which differentiates it from those naturally gained positioning. In conclusion, if you want readers to reach your website, you need to learn SEO and SEM and combine both. You have to get your website positioned in Google. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for your page to get visits.

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