What Is The Most Searched Thing On The Deep Web?

What Is The Most Searched Thing On The Deep Web?

The Deep Web has earned a bad reputation among people because many users hide information on it. Still, the Deep Web is where you can access online pages without being on the surface of the internet.

Many pages can be found on the Deep Web, and these internet sites can be very productive for viewing news, social profiles, and emails, among other interesting aspects.

That is why it is worth knowing what the most searched thing on the Deep Web is and discovering a new world on the Deep Internet.

The Most Searched Web Pages On The Deep Web

Within the Deep Web, many interesting places can be frequented by users to find worthwhile elements, and that can be very productive for many people.

But before entering the deep web, it is recommended to take security measures because the deep web is unregulated, data can be stolen, or there may be viruses and malware on many pages.

To know what is most searched for on the Deep Web, you should know the following internet pages:

Hidden Wiki

This page is the version of Wikipedia on the Deep Web, where you can find links to different sites on the Deep Web. Most links on the deep internet have a combination of letters and numbers, making it difficult to get to the page you are looking for.

When this happens, Hidden Wiki searches to find the desired page. Hidden Wiki also provides informative sites on different interesting topics.


This is a search engine for the Deep Web, which is also on the surface web. Unlike other internet search engines, DuckDuckGo does not share personal data, making it ideal for browsing the Deep Web.
This browser can display Deep Web links, also known as onion links, so this engine is highly recommended for access.


Among the most searched things on the Deep Web is Facebook. Incredibly, Facebook has a large presence on the deep web. However, it is different from the surface internet social network.

This Facebook is a copy of the real Facebook; only when you create an account on it can you do so anonymously. However, this can be laborious because Facebook always collects user data.

This version of Facebook is widely used in countries where governments have banned this social network; this way, people can enter anonymously and use the platform without problems.

BBC Mirror

Following the example of Facebook, this version of the BBC news site is for the Deep Web and is used in countries where this portal is banned.

To access the BBC page, you must use Tor, one of the most used search engines, to access the Deep Web.
The BBC has created this portal, so it is completely secure and international editions of this news site can be found.


This is another news portal that can be found on the surface of the internet but with a link on the Deep Web for those places where this website is prohibited.

The reason for its ban in many places is that this news portal is fearless in covering controversial topics such as political corruption and child labour, which is why it is highly visited by many people.

Hidden Answers

This portal is one of the most searched on the Deep Web because it is similar to the Quora or Reddit platforms. Still, on this site, you can ask anything without any censorship.

If a person is new to the deep web, they can use hidden answers to ask questions about the deep web to gain more knowledge about it.

Secure Drop

On this site, journalists and informants meet to avoid being tracked and freely share their information.
These journalists usually have compromising information about governments or private people, so they can let other colleagues know what they know without being tracked or punished.

Many journalism agencies have noticed that this website can benefit them. They have created SecureDrop links, including The Washington Post and The Financial Times.


Those who want a secure email that cannot be tracked use ProtonMail, which has become the most searched on the Deep Web because it is very useful for storing information in a safe place.

ProtonMail is a Swiss encrypted email, considered one of the best emails out there because it does not store any information using end-to-end encryption.


Instant messaging platforms are also among the most searched for on the Deep Web, with Keybase being among the most popular.

This platform is similar to WhatsApp, but the advantage of Keybase is that not even the servers know what the users’ messages are; the information is encrypted in the browser before the user enters Keybase.
Messages can also be password protected, and the user can choose how long the message can be deleted.

Comic Book Library

Comic fans have made this place one of the most searched for on the Deep Web because thousands of comics can be downloaded here, from the most popular to the most specialized. You have to be careful about violating copyright.

Deep Web Radio

Music lovers have a great option in Deep Web Radio while browsing the Deep Web; there, you can choose all kinds of music and listen to it through Tor; you can choose between 11 different channels with different musical styles.

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