What Is Google AdWords?

What Is Google AdWords?

If we want to launch our business on the Internet and have explored different advertising possibilities, surely we have heard of Google AdWords or “the ones with the €75 bonuses.”

But what is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that works with PPC (pay per click), and from which any person or company can promote themselves in the Google search engine, web pages, or different Google products such as Maps. Therefore Google AdWords is part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) advertising and is the pioneering platform of this branch of Online Marketing.

For all of you who haven’t noticed, when you do a Google search, there are usually three results at the top that have a little ad tag and about eight other results on the side; These are Google AdWords ads, and their position will depend on multiple variables such as the bid or the quality of the advertising campaign.

To know what Google AdWords is, we must be clear that it is based on an auction system, and each user chooses which keyword they want to bid for and how much they are willing to pay at most for each click on their ad. In this way, when a user does a search on Google, and you are bidding on that word, your ad can appear to the user along with the other search results.

However, not everything is based on the bid or CPC (Cost per Click); other factors, such as quality level or CTR (click-through rate), play a key role for Google :

  • Quality Score is a numerical value from 1 to 10 that Google uses to assign “quality” to a keyword. The higher the value, the less that user will have to pay Google for each click and for appearing in the higher positions.
  • CTR or Click Through Rate. This percentage value arises from the relationship between the number of times an ad has been displayed and how many times it has been clicked. The higher it is, Google will reward us with better positions and less expense for each click.


  • Accessible to any company since it does not need huge investments as in the case of television or the press.
  • AdWords’s importance to the quality of the campaign is such that, being a small company, you can compete against business monsters. Why? Because if the campaign is good, you can go above them or where they are without paying so much.
  • Allows you to assign a maximum daily budget, allowing you to control the investment to the maximum.
  • We will only advertise for the words we choose and in the geographic locations we want, thus avoiding wasteful investment. For example, we can create a campaign directed only to Madrid city that consumes a €5 budget daily.
  • For free, click data, costs, sales or contact requests obtained, etc.
  • Free assistance support via phone, chat, video call, or email.


  • When you stop investing, your ads stop appearing.
  • It would help if you embarked on an advertising campaign with AdWords.
  • The AdWords world is growing increasingly, and it is laborious to stay ahead of all the news.

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