How To Create The Best Business Success Stories

How To Create The Best Business Success Stories

The Inbound Marketing methodology ensures that a successful strategy encompasses actions that can attract qualified users through quality content.

Instead of impacting audiences, as was done in traditional advertising through repetitive messages that interrupted people’s daily lives, currently, the idea of ​​a Marketing plan is to provide information of interest.

But it must not only remain there, but it must also offer content that generates trust among users and positions the brand or company as an expert in the sector.

For this purpose, success stories are great. They consist of a company showing how its brand has worked with its customers and how its products or services optimally solved the problem that afflicted them.

People will always trust others more, and there is no better advertisement than a satisfied customer.

If someone searches for your company on the Internet and realizes that your products have solved other people’s problems, they will believe in what you offer and consider you in their purchasing process.

For this reason, success stories are one of the most essential pieces of content marketing since they drive the user forward in their purchase process and push them to decide.

Some people still distrust buying on the Internet or acquiring a product or service online, and not having a salesperson face-to-face prevents them from making a reasoned decision.

Success stories help companies gain the trust of their customers and future buyers.

According to studies, 88% of buyers trust the reviews of other buyers they see on the Internet rather than the opinions of companies and brands about themselves. And, thinking about it, that makes a lot of sense.

However, there are too many business success stories that we can find there, and not all of them have the necessary data to, worth the redundancy, be a true success and fulfil their purpose.

Therefore, in the following lines, you will see some tips that can help you before developing your case.

Tricks To Create Success Stories

Use Storytelling, You Will Explain Yourself Better

Stories have been told since the beginning of humanity to understand different topics, which is why storytelling has become more critical within Digital Marketing.

Stories have the power to connect with their recipients emotionally, so one way to explain your company’s success is to create an account with its respective protagonist with a beginning, a peak stage, and a happy ending.

In addition to keeping your users attentive to the story, you can make it easier for them to understand your company’s purpose and how your brand or its products allow consumers to satisfy their needs.

For your story to make sense, it must answer some basic questions:

  • How did the product help your consumer?
  • Why did the consumer require your products or services?
  • What steps were followed to achieve the expected results?
  • When did the campaign take place? Where it took place?

Make It Visual And Interactive

Many business success stories are limited to explaining how they got to the results in very long texts that only manage to tire and bore potential customers.

According to studies, people remember only 20% of what they read. Still, they retain 80% of what they see, so it is recommended that you give your creativity the green light and start creating impactful success stories.

Create attractive content that attracts attention, such as an interactive and animated infographic a video on your site, or simply record your client expressing their opinions.

Write A Results-Focused Headline

As with all types of writing, the title will grab your reader’s attention or make them ignore it.

Since a business success story aims to show the value of using your product or service, you need to make sure that your headline focuses on precisely that: the results.

In other words, the title should not only say what the project is but also what the project achieved.

For example, instead of saying, “A case study on Company X,” you might say, “Company X increases click-through rate by 10%.”

In this second option, the reader gets a clear idea of ​​the success achieved and what can happen to him.

Describe The Context

Without context, your success story will lack meaning and impact.

People need to clearly understand ​​the situation during the events described in the case.

Therefore, it is recommended to include a situation analysis describing the client, its challenges, and relevant environmental factors, such as economic factors, competitor activity, etc.

In our experience developing Industrial Marketing actions, we find many B2B companies reluctant to name their clients and also to clients who choose not to be named.

This does not mean you cannot create a success story; the client’s identity must remain hidden.

If that’s the case, help your readers understand the situation by describing the customer, without naming them, as much as possible.

Use Cause And Effect Analysis

Once you get to the heart of the success story, you must analyse the problem.

A great way to do this is to use a cause-and-effect analysis. In other words, don’t just say what the problem is; delve into its causes and the effects it was causing on the company.

Once you discover the causes, you can explain how you got in and fixed the problem to achieve the desired result.

Design A Success Story Template

Creating a template (template) to carry out your company’s success stories will help you transmit a solid company image according to your corporate embodiment.

Thus, they will all have a standard appearance with the same structure, sections, colours, etc.

When designing your template, remember to incorporate graphics, illustrations, callout boxes, direct quotes, and images to illuminate key points and bring your success stories to life.

Don’t obstruct your organization’s ability to use images – make them possible in a way that meets the brand.

In conclusion, your success stories should show rather than talk, so focus on the visual and provide an impact story that your clients will want to share with their loved ones.


Success stories are vital in attracting and converting users to your brand.

An attractive success story, in which the facts are well exposed and the advantages clear, can make a difference between your company and your competitors and tip the sales balance in your favour.

Therefore, remember these tips when creating your success stories :

  1. Create a story and tell it well.
  2. Presents the facts visually and engagingly.
  3. Choose a title focused on the results obtained.
  4. Describe the context and situation.
  5. You analyse the causes and the effects.
  6. Create a well-structured and visual template for other possible success stories.

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