Electric Mobility: Economy, Local Production, And Solutions For The Present

Electric Mobility: Economy, Local Production, And Solutions For The Present

Sustainable electric mobility has become one of the most essential concepts in today’s economy.
With climate change and global warming, we were already facing a daunting challenge that invited us, among many other things, to replace fossil fuels in favour of clean energy. With a violent war brewing in Europe and its implications for the energy market, the importance of moving towards an independent electricity economy is more evident than ever.

Years Of Advancement In Mobility

We must find satisfaction that recent years have seen significant progress in the sustainable mobility sector towards a future with renewable energy. And it is that in addition to building the necessary infrastructure, automotive technologies based on new electric energy models must also be developed.

In this sense, we can celebrate a series of victories. The automotive industry has made tremendous strides in electric vehicles that offer solutions for competitive range with internal combustion engines and reduced production costs, making these usability technologies somewhat more affordable.

The challenge we had a few years ago, the high cost of these electric vehicles, is no longer relevant. New models are becoming more accessible, and the charging infrastructure necessary to use these vehicles appears everywhere, not just in big cities.

Local Production Hand In Hand With Canomobility Electric Mobility

As a result of the last global production crisis, local production has manifested itself as a determining element in the national industrial growth and the non-dependence of foreign products.

As an example of entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable electric vehicles, we have in the Valencian Community the company Canomobility that already in the year 2000 began the production of its first model of electric bike.

With experience in the traditional automotive industry of Antonio Cano and the concern in developing new, more sustainable vehicles, an electric scooter, Canomobility 4000 Electric, is born with a heart of the latest technical generation technology and a retro appearance with a very modern style. As well as a 2-seater car with a very affordable price within the electric car market.

The future comes hand in hand with entrepreneurship and local production from companies like Canomobility.

Solutions For The Present

Attention must be paid to the bridge between the countryside (the producer) and the city (the final consumer). Transport is a worrying issue; prices fluctuate upwards, and insecurity and rising prices cause concern among consumers and producers.

We need to be creative and find new ways to help us cope. Change is imminent, especially now that we see how much of the world has become customer-dependent on unreliable or stable energy markets. It is no longer just a relevant challenge for our planet’s and the environment’s health, but also to avoid being victims of an economic and political weapon with a precise expiration date.

Renewable energies and their positive consequences, including the transition towards electric mobility that does not pollute, are no longer a fantasy for the future but materialized here.

Electric mobility affects local production, and stimulating the economy in new ways is also a factor to consider.

For this reason, as entrepreneurs, we must not only understand the current state of these technologies but also study the channels through which our projects can implement and take advantage of these resources, contributing, at the same time, to a more significant cause.

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