How To Create A Form In WordPress

How To Create A Form In WordPress

A form is an element of a web page that allows the visitor to fill in the information in some fields, generally text data type, and that information is sent to the server for later management.

What Is A Web Form Used For?

In general, the objective of the forms is that your visitors can communicate with you through your website. They could email you or even call you on the phone, but in those ways, you force them to leave your page and maybe get lost along the way or misspell your email address. If this happens, you will miss an opportunity.

It is easy to automate processing information collected through web forms to streamline certain tasks, such as processing an order in an online store or allowing users registered on your website to recover their password without participating. Process.

In this article, we will look at the role of forms and how to create a form on your WordPress website.

Forms are a fundamental part of different strategies on the web. Here are some of the main types of web forms that are commonly used:

  • Contact Form
  • login form
  • Registration Form
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Search
  • Comments
  • surveys
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout

Forms In WordPress

Our website, made with WordPress, can also have forms, although I already anticipate that you will need to resort to plugins to be able to exploit the full potential of this tool.

The Native WordPress Form

Natively, WordPress only allows you to use one type of form: the comment form. You may know that WordPress was born in 2003 as a Content Management System to create blogs. The comment form is one of those details that keep reminding us of the modest origin of this tool.

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