Eight Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your SME For Your Sales And Marketing Strategy

Eight Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your SME For Your Sales And Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives, and sometimes, without being aware of it, we use it in our personal lives more often than we think. This use has been transferred to the business world, and there are already many corporations, including SMEs, that have integrated artificial intelligence into their organization. When we talk about artificial intelligence in the business world, we do so about the general tendency of corporations to include solutions that simulate processes that were traditionally carried out by humans and that streamline the general management of the company.

The artificial intelligence solutions in a company are multiple. They can be applied to human resources, organization, productivity, and any area of ​​the corporation, as well as to the improvement of the sales and marketing strategy.

But not only large Silicon Valley corporations are betting on artificial intelligence; small and medium-sized companies are also joining these solutions to improve general management and sales and marketing strategy. Customer service, improving and personalizing your experience, or intelligent marketing are the main lines in which artificial intelligence can act to improve sales and the marketing strategy in any SME.

The solid relationships you build with your customers are the cornerstone of any business and its sales strategy. AI can help you build and maintain those relationships effectively and profitably. If you want to remain competitive in the current market, it is time to seriously consider AI and introduce tools that result in better sales figures so that your SME.

Databases And Customer Relations

Companies handle amounts of data, transactions, interactions, and contacts. To manage them, there are CRM solutions (an acronym in English for ‘Customer Relationship Management’), which collect, store, and manage this data, which can also be analysed and interpreted. In short, a CRM allows you to manage relationships and interactions with current and potential customers through decisive data and information.

This data managed with Artificial Intelligence improves the benefits of CRM, communication with customers, and decision-making.

One of the CRM tools that integrates artificial intelligence is HubSpot. It has a free version, which improves with the paid versions. It allows you to manage relationships and interactions with your current and potential clients.

Customer Service

Chatbots, powered by AI, are powerful tools for customer service, as they ‘converse’ with current and potential customers automatically. It is software that is included on websites, applications, or social networks to communicate with customers by text messages by answering their questions and suggestions.

Indeed, you have accessed some e-commerce and found a chat service that answers your questions. If you have a small e-commerce in WordPress, some plugins for your chatbots are Tidio Live Chat or WP-Chatbot for Messenger.

They can guide them through the purchasing process, answer frequently asked questions, and offer personalized recommendations based on purchase history without them having to wait for someone to assist them. So, while chatbots can deal with fundamental questions, customer service can deal with more complex questions. In this way, the productivity of customer service and potential clients is improved.

Production Automation

If there is something that characterizes AI, it can perform everyday tasks. Sales managers no longer need to spend time on these recurring activities in the business process, as artificial intelligence allows them to be automated and offers ideas to improve the effectiveness of the sales approach.

The introduction of automation processes (RPA or Robotic Process Automation) takes advantage of software for everyday tasks, as we were talking about. In this way, processes that previously required significant human participation, such as transaction processing or data manipulation, are automated. That is, it replaces human participation with solutions that are repeated and in a more efficient and faster way.

One of the clearest examples of task automation in sales and marketing is social media scheduling, email sending scheduling, or keyword research to improve SEO.

Manual publications on social networks have been left behind in time, and they require time. With Hootsuite tools, you can schedule social media posts, and it also offers relevant data that will help you improve your marketing strategy.

Customize Ads

The consumer experience is personalized through the ads they receive since artificial intelligence segments by territory, age, or gender. The advertisements are refined and adapted to the audience, which leads to potential clients directly, and the audience that may have a particular interest in the products or services that we market is limited.

Personalization has become a fundamental tool for any online seller, as it creates a shopping experience for each user.

Prioritize Leads

In line with what was noted above, artificial intelligence allows us to prioritize LEDs, that is, users who have shown interest in our products or services.

In this way, sales results can be optimized. The list of potential clients is narrowed and increases in quality so that sales managers have a better chance of achieving success since they focus on selling to those clients with genuine interest and predisposition to purchase. This practice is called lead scoring.

It is the process of assigning a value to each lead to improve the customer conversion rate. This management has been improved and automated with artificial intelligence.

Knowledge Of Cross-Selling

In line with what has been pointed out, artificial intelligence also allows us to increase the sales of our SME if we know possible cross-selling. Thus, AI can provide information through the purchase history that allows the cross-selling and consumption of products from a complete range. This is the case of a customer who buys product A and who, on repeated occasions, also buys product B due to the relationship or dependency between both products.

Know the behaviour of your website visitors.

Sales can be improved, redirected, and refined if you know how users navigate your website and how they use this space. In this sense, AI offers multiple tools to know who visits your website, how much time they spend on each page, or what their behaviour is like while browsing the site. The results of this information make it possible to reorient the sales strategy and, ultimately, improve it.

Smart Marketing

Marketing tools go hand in hand with artificial intelligence, which analyzes data to guide marketing strategies and to optimize interactions between any business and people. The role of marketing is to help the company achieve its objectives through a more innovative, safer, and more accurate customer experience.

In this sense, email marketing, an essential instrument of the marketing strategy, can be automated, refined, and achieve great results with tools such as Mail Chimp, Mailmodo, or EasySendy, which offers free templates, email automation, or segmentation in the shipment.

If you are looking to improve content and strengthen SEO, you can take a look at tools like Editpad Content, which helps optimize your content for search engines. Or you can take advantage of the possibilities of Answer The Public, a tool that generates topics and titles for your blog. It is based on the content that consumers in their industry niche are looking for. Regarding content generation through artificial intelligence, don’t miss this article from our blog on how to use one of the most widespread tools of the moment, ChatGPT: The ChatGPT ‘prompt’: learn how to use it to obtain the best results.

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