Design Systems In Corporate Branding

Design Systems In Corporate Branding

If you hear about design systems, they will be talking about a style guide that both private companies and public entities can use.

Design Systems Utility

Before using new technologies, brands were created with a branding manual explaining the company’s brand, how it was created, and where you could use it. With the appearance of new technological means, these extensive manuals became digital documents, web pages, and all kinds of manuals on the net where they explained how to create the brand and develop it and how to apply it in the development of the company’s corporate page. Company.

Once one of these guides has been created where all the necessary components for creating your web page are defined, these components that have been satisfactorily tested are stored to be used as many times as necessary in creating more complex elements. , without you having to define these components each time.

If everything is satisfactorily defined in this process, the system can prepare a sketch of the web page, which can be published and used immediately.

What Does Graphic Design Bring To The Brand?

Once you have created the design system, you can use various teams to develop different tasks that improve the different products, their structures, and all their components. What advantages do these systems provide?

  • A greater speed each time they create a page since everything is defined.
  • The prototype is created faster since the component that is needed and that is already built is used.

These advantages provide important benefits for companies in brand design.

Increased Brand Cohesion

All the teams participating in the brand’s design will use the same components, so a cohesive and homogeneous image will be achieved in all the elements that make up the brand, regardless of who created it.

Better Quality Work

With all the centralization that occurs when creating the initial system, components created by the best designers are achieved. Other developers will use these components to finish completing the project.

Greater Return On Investment

Although starting the design system is initially expensive, the investment is quickly recouped. All the added and developed elements will be much more profitable and faster since all the necessary information will already be prepared in the system.

User Experience With Design Systems

The accumulated experience in different jobs indicates that to do the project you want to develop successfully, the program that will be in charge of designing the system must have the following characteristics :

  • It has to be compatible with the rest of the programs used by the computer.
  • Working with the design that has been thought of for the web and all the programming and codes it entails.
  • That it handles large files that contain many elements without compromising speed.

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Advantages of a web design system

The benefits it provides in web design are:

  • Very easy handling with the automatic grill system.
  • Its different styles allow you to define the colors, typefaces, and spacing from the start. Generating a style guide, you can use throughout the process.
  • All symbols and items you create can be reused.
  • The changes you make to any element cause it to be updated automatically in all the places in the design where it was found.
  • The generated files have little weight when working with vectors, being able to export them without suffering quality problems. In addition, you can export them in such common formats as pdf, jpg, or png.
  • In each section, you can use many artboards. In one section, you can establish all the templates you will need, and thus you can section the web page by format.
  • All form elements use CCS logic. When passed to the front system, the.
  • Allows you to group all folders to make going from design to front end easier. This grouping allows you to create style files so that all participants are clear about any interpretation of the project.

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