Apple’s New Goal: Change Your Mood With The Vision Pro

Apple’s New Goal: Change Your Mood With The Vision Pro

Although it seems unreal, Apple could develop a way to allow users to alter their mood through the Apple Vision Pro. According to a recently granted patent (11703944), the company is exploring this futuristic idea.

The idea proposes that users ask their Vision Pro device to help them achieve a specific state of mind, such as feeling relaxed, happy or even scared. The device, in turn, would present a series of computer-generated content designed to provoke the desired emotional response in the user.

Imagine that you feel calm, but you want to be alert. In this case, your device could show you the image of a dog in an alert position. Or perhaps you feel restless and seek relaxation. So you could watch a video of a hummingbird in flight. To determine your state of mind, Apple would collect a series of data, such as audio, psychological measurements, body posture, and eye tracking, which could be obtained from the Vision Pro, an Apple Watch, or another device.

The patent devotes considerable attention to virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). This suggests that Apple might be considering combining these mood-altering effects with some form of VR or AR content. This combination could be especially effective when a Vision Pro user is watching a movie or playing a game with one of Apple’s headphones, bringing an extra level of immersion to the experience.

Despite the good intentions that Apple seems to have with this patent, the dystopian air that surrounds it cannot be ignored. Many are likely to be concerned that a tool capable of altering a user’s mood could be used in unintended ways. If Apple decides to implement this system, it will need to put in place rigorous security measures and go to considerable effort to convince people that it is something they would want to use.

It’s crucial to remember that, for now, this is just a patent. It might not materialize in the Vision Pro and just be a sign of Apple exploring innovative ideas. It’s a development worth keeping a close eye on, though, as it could signal the direction Apple’s future headphones will take.

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