How To Prepare A Cover Letter For Your CV

How To Prepare A Cover Letter For Your CV

A cover letter is the basis of communication with the company where you are trying to get a job. This is the entry route to defend your candidacy and indicates why you should obtain a certain position in said company. In addition, transferring your image will help them review your CV and make an appointment for an interview.

The Reasons Why A Cover Letter Cannot Be Missing

First, you must be clear that the cover letter does not replace the resume. These are complementary items. The letter is the direct way for them to consult your CV.

Currently, companies receive hundreds of candidates for the same job. For this reason, it is essential to have an attractiveness that stands out from the rest. This is where the cover letter comes into play. Its form and content are essential for the recruiter to notice you and take the appropriate steps to contact you.

In it, you must make yourself known clearly and concisely. In addition, it is important to highlight the different reasons that make you valid and important for the job or the company. This first contact can tip the balance when obtaining a job. Another reason why it is essential to have a cover letter is that it shows interest in the position you are applying for.

The Types Of Cover Letters

There are a wide variety of cover letters. Each is unique and different depending on the person or position they are applying for. This allows us to catalog them based on various criteria, these being the main ones.

Depending On The Position

One of the most relevant points is the type of position you apply for. You may be applying for a specific vacancy or want to inform the company of your availability if a job opportunity arises.

In the first case, you must briefly and concisely highlight the characteristics and training, master’s degrees, and courses that make you ideal for the position. Meanwhile, in the second, you must reflect on the value you can bring to the company.

Based On Work Experience

Another key point when writing a letter is previous work experience. This document is a first overview, so it is unnecessary to include all your history. You should highlight what is most relevant to the company. If you have yet to gain experience, it is time to be creative and highlight your skills and learning capacity.

By Industry

Each letter must be different; it is not the same to present yourself to a finance company as to a publisher. It is important to adapt the tone to the sector and manage to convey what you can contribute to that specific activity. Recruiters should understand that you care and know the field in which you want to work.

Tips For A Proper Cover Letter

Preparing the perfect cover letter does not have a magic formula; you must contribute your style. But there are a series of tips that you can follow to make your document stand out from the rest and call the attention of the person responsible:


The first thing you should do is research the company and the job position you are applying for. Find out about their philosophy, latest projects, or policies, and with all the information in hand, you will be able to write a personal document to unite all of this with your qualities.

Professional, But Without Technicalities

An easy-to-read, short, and concise text is the key. It is important to use the appropriate, professional language without too many technicalities that can tire. Avoid complex sentences that can lead to misinterpretation. Remember that it must be a text that is easily read and remembered.

Relevant Information

Your letter should be something other than your resume, so you should highlight only the relevant information appropriate for the position. If the person in charge wants to expand it because you have captured her interest, he will visit your CV or call you to schedule an interview.

Spelling And Grammar

It seems obvious, but sometimes it is the point where the error is. Remember to check spelling and grammar to ensure your letter has no problems. Write it calmly and ask someone to review it because four eyes see more than two.

A cover letter is perfect for publicizing your CV and getting an interview. It must stand out from the rest and adapt to what the company is looking for and what you can offer. Correct writing of this document can become the first step for a new job in the sector that you are passionate about.

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