The Importance of After-Work And Other Social Events

The Importance of After-Work And Other Social Events

Now that we are back to normal, we can talk with enthusiasm about company social events, held in the company (indoor) and outside of it (outdoor).

We have as a rule to work on professional relationships in different fields and one of the events best valued by the most sociable people in the Club.

The latter have been very well received, after the prohibitions that we have suffered during the health crisis caused by the terrible COVID pandemic that we have just experienced.

We are social beings par excellence and relationships of trust are also strengthened in situations other than those strictly at work.

After work is not just a great way to meet inspiring entrepreneurs, but also a remarkable platform for networking and forging beneficial partnerships. It allows us to connect with likeminded people, which can lead to potential collaborations and opportunities in the future.

Social connection is a reality in the world of work. This connection, for some of us in times of quarantine, was difficult for us. Not all of us are prepared to function in an online format and that is undeniable. During this past period, we were not able to meet in person, which made some very important negotiations difficult.

Now is the time to minimize the damage and help our teams feel more connected. In this article, we will explore the importance of After work and other social events in the company, as well as some ideas for your organization.

An important note: For many SMEs, organizing their own events and social activities can be prohibitively expensive. For this reason, we invite you to consider events organized by third parties that provide the space to enjoy and add value to labour relations.

Reasons To Organize And Participate In Social Events In Your Company

Relationships at work are of great importance in satisfaction and professional performance. As humans, we desire connection with other people. At work, we spend countless hours with other people, with whom we inevitably interact.

The more enriching these relationships are, the better the work experience will be. This will also have a positive effect on a person’s general quality of life (if you don’t feel comfortable in your job, you will hardly be happy).

Higher Happiness Indexes

Let’s start with the most important. Happiness is a commonly ignored factor in many workplaces. However, it is necessary that, as directors and managers, we are more aware of this.

Social initiatives at work have the power to increase our happiness. Friendships in the workplace can be very positive, even with people with a higher position within the company.

Experts in labour well-being are committed to prioritizing happiness rates in the workplace. Part of it is promoting friendly and healthy relationships among workers.

We spend many hours behind a computer screen and it is not healthy, we need close contact with our peers.

Greater Commitment To The Organization

Social events and initiatives that help create better relationships at work can increase job engagement and perceived loyalty to the team and the company.

Many employers understand the importance of commitment: They work to create cohesive and effective teams, to shorten the execution times of business purposes, and the mission of any company.

Creating social events, like the occasional After work, gives the employee a new dimension of what it means to be part of the company. During these events, you may feel more comfortable being part of the team and more identified with the global mission.

Less Stress

Stress and anxiety are two powerful components of the modern professional experience. Stress levels at work are through the roof. Companies spend millions trying to reverse this trend, often with mindfulness initiatives.

But, many times, the cause of that work stress is the quality of relationships with co-workers.

Various studies on the subject have shown that the quality of our relationships, in general, and especially at work, directly affect our stress levels. Social connection is one of the most important indicators of how we experience and manage stress.

It goes without saying that under work stress it is tremendously beneficial for the company. This translates into superior performance and lower casualty and conflict rates.

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Events To Build Positive Relationships At Work

There are a wide variety of options for team building and social events at work. The goal is to bring the members of your organization together and allow them, in a comfortable, respectful, and safe environment, to enjoy building healthy relationships.

Some social ideas that you can carry out in your facilities and during working hours are:

  • Book club
  • Trivia sessions
  • Lunches

If you want to get out of the office and not interrupt the working day, some ideas are:

  • After work or after hours
  • Escape rooms
  • Hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Casual sporting events
  • Special foods

An example of this last option is Middays with Affinity. These are meals organized by our Businessmen’s Club. Over the years we have noticed how these “business lunches” have served for attendees to enjoy sharing with other businessmen and professionals, respectfully, in a more relaxed environment, cultivating professional relationships of trust in the medium and long term.

The satisfaction that derives from these occasions demonstrates the power of the social event within the professional context.

After Work Format To Build Quality Professional Relationships

At Network, we have had a very positive experience with the After work format. For years, we have successfully planned this event, Connecting members of the Club de Impresarios for mutually beneficial outcomes, their employees, and non-member guests.

During the event we work every moment to make the relevant presentations, always looking for the longed-for match.

These special events have served to present prominent businessmen and personalities from the community, connecting our partners with knowledge, and new business and investment opportunities.

However, a benefit reported by many of our partners over the years is the enjoyment and personal satisfaction of building positive and healthy relationships with the members of their teams, because, in a relaxed atmosphere, we get to know each other as we are in other situations, invaluable information when recommending someone. These professionals work together, side by side, to achieve their goals but usually find few opportunities to share and get to know each other in-depth.

Beyond the networking factor (very relevant and important) during these events, the After work has served to positively consolidate professional relationships and create sincere friendships.

we always go further in social events and we want to “create experiences” that mark our members, that create this relaxed atmosphere that allows them to connect with both the person and the professional.

That is why we are always up to date in the organization of these events, with specialists invited by our partners. Thus, success is assured.

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