How To Link Your iPhone With Windows 11 Mobile Link.

How To Link Your iPhone With Windows 11 Mobile Link.

One of our latest updates in Windows 11, specifically Moment 2, has brought many new features, including the possibility of linking your iPhone with Windows Mobile Link.

In this article, we are going to explain how to do it, in addition to talking about all its benefits.

What Do I Need To Link My iPhone With The Mobile Link App?

Without being perfectly compatible, several tools have emerged that help us meet this need. It is only available to users who have signed up for the Microsoft Insider program. Meanwhile, it is very easy to find these betas on certain official channels of the brand itself.

Once this beta is installed on our PC, we will go to the next step:

  • Enter the Microsoft store.
  • Update the Enlace Móvil application.
  • Download it if you do not have it.

The process is compatible with various dead Apple devices, from the iPhone 7 to the latest, the iPhone 14.

How To Pair An iPhone In Mobile Link Step By Step

  • Enter the « Mobile Link » app and select your iPhone.
  • You will see a code that you must read with the iPhone, and it will redirect you to the Apple Store to download an intermediary application.
  • Once downloaded, a wizard will appear to help you.
  • Follow the steps, pair them via Bluetooth and confirm the codes appearing on both devices.

Before finishing, you must grant a series of permissions to the Bluetooth connection you just established.

Advantages Of Connecting An iPhone With Mobile Link In Windows 11

We already know how closed and complete the Apple ecosystem is, but, in this case, with Windows, we are in luck with the great work done with this because before, we could only connect Android devices.
Of course, it is still in development, and we will not have all the advantages that an Android would offer us since we are even allowed to synchronize the clipboard to improve our productivity.

The current reality for iPhones linked to Mobile Link is quite different since you can only make or receive calls, manage notifications, read or reply to messages, and check your phone book.

Not bad, since the reality is that if we look back a few years, this would be unthinkable. Little by little, there is better integration between Apple and other ecosystems, and that will always be very good news.

Alternatives To Mobile Link

We still do not know the exact date of the official arrival of this support, but for the moment, some alternative applications to Enlace Móvil turn out to be very practical to replace the official Microsoft one.

Intel Unison

We already know Intel well for its processors. Well, they also developed this tool to connect your smartphone with your PC, whether Android or iOS. It has a very intuitive and simple interface, with a fast and stable connection.

However, it falls short in functions, as it is also ” limited “, leaving only checking messages, making calls and transferring multimedia files.


KDE Connect was originally an open-source tool designed for Linux but is now available for Windows and allows you to manage notifications, send and receive media files, and make calls.

What If I Want To Sync My iPhone With My Windows 11 PC?

For this process, we will need the famous Apple tool, iTunes. These are the steps to follow to establish synchronization:

  • Connect the device to your PC via cable.
  • Open iTunes, and it will automatically read the iPhone.
  • Click on it and go to Summary.
  • You only need to select « Synchronize this device via Wi-Fi «.
  • « Apply », and that’s it.

Learning how to link your iPhone with Windows 11 Mobile Link can open up a world of possibilities regarding connectivity and productivity between Apple and Microsoft. This integration allows you to access and manage different parameters of your iPhone. Try it; you will love it.

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