How To Create A Good Study Area At Home?

How To Create A Good Study Area At Home?

Are your children starting to need a space to do their work or prepare for exams? Or have you resumed your studies and want an oasis where you can study comfortably? Discover in this post what you need to have a good study area at home.

What Does A Good Study Area Need?

To have a good study area at home, it is essential to know what features are needed:


Having lighting is essential. The best thing for a good study is natural light . As this option is not always possible, artificial light is necessary: ​​if you can, choose one that can be regulated, both in intensity and height and, if possible, that simulates the warmth of natural light .


It is necessary to have a desk with enough space. Mainly you may need to have a book and a notebook (and perhaps the computer or some other object) open simultaneously.


The study location should be a quiet place , away from noise . This point is vital so that the study area at home is optimal and allows you to concentrate without interruptions.


Choosing appropriate furniture also influences when studying. An ergonomic chair that adapts to the back is not the same as a stool used for a few minutes. The same goes for the desk: it must be spacious, comfortable and of good quality.


Order in the study area at home favours concentration. Therefore, make sure that each object is in its place and has a place for everything. Add boxes, drawers, shelves… so that everything is not visible.


Although it may not seem important, there are colours that help you concentrate better, such as blue or green, which transmit calm. For their part, yellow or orange helps with motivation and productivity. Also, choose a paint that is not shiny, as it reflects light and affects vision and concentration.


The decoration of the study area at home will also influence concentration and motivation. A board with motivational and positive phrases , or a place to hang photographs, paintings or sheets with images that can motivate whoever uses this area can help.

You can also count on some plants, which help with concentration. In addition, they filter the air and absorb computer radiation, like cacti, for example.

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Where To Locate The Study Area?

A good study area at home will be one that meets the best conditions of space, lighting and tranquillity. These 3 characteristics are the priority, essential for a good study area.

For children, the best place will be a study area in their room.

For older children, any area of ​​the house can be ideal since they tend to have a greater ability to concentrate :

  • In an area of ​​the living room.
  • In the bedroom, in front of the window.
  • Under the stairs, taking advantage of the gap.
  • Inside a built-in closet.

The ideal is to have a room for study. If this is impossible, find a space where a good desk fits and has natural light.  And, of course, with a good internet connection!

Furniture And Accessories For An Ideal Study Area

Within the furniture of the study area at home, it is essential to have certain elements such as the table and chair, good lighting, and other optional items to store books and notebooks, and have the study area at home organized :

Desk: The desk can be in many ways: basic, with drawers, with adjustable trestles. The important thing is that it is spacious enough.

Chair: The chair is the most important element of the study area. A place where you will spend many hours sitting must be comfortable and ergonomic for your back.

Lightning: In addition to a good central lamp, you can have flexes or table lamps for specific moments when you need more light.

Organization: You can have drawers, cabinets to store your utensils, shelves, shelves , organizing boxes for your table.

Having a good study area at home is essential to create good study habits in the little ones in the house and to achieve optimal results in the older ones. After all, it is a place where many hours are spent.

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